Ron Linder, CEO

Mr. Linder brings his vast experience in the information technology to leverage the company. Prior to joining Elad Solutions, Ron was CEO of Picom Software Systems Ltd for eight years and Product line manager at Computer Associates Israel.  Ron has impressive leadership and executive management expertise. He holds a B.Sc degree in Industrial Engineering and an MBA in Marketing Management.

Yoni Heller, VP Sales

With a decade of experience as executive in leading IT companies in Israel, Yoni Heller brings his extensive range of skills to Elad Solutions. Prior to joining Elad Solutions, Yoni  held the position of VP Marketing & Sales at Malam Systems and CEO at Sapiens Israel (NASDAQ:SPNS and TASE:SPNS). He holds a B.Sc degree in Chemical Engineering from the Ben-Gurion University.

Mika Kudish, CTO

Mika Kudish contributes her diverse development skills in her position at Elad Solutions Before joining Elad Solutions, Ms. Kudish was VP Technologies at Sapiens International   (NASDAQ:SPNS and TASE:SPNS). In her role as Chief Developer at Elad Solutions Mika is responsible for software development, operation and maintenance of the ChameleonTM product. Prior to joining Sapiens, Mika was the senior technology consultant for the Israel Defense Forces Central Computer Unit

Moshe Krispin, R&D Manager

Joined Elad Health in 2015.

Eyal Saporta,  Professional Services Manager

Joined Elad Health in 2016

Sharon Volk, Product Manager

Sharon started his career as a software developer. His professional journey took him through System Analysis, Senior Project Management and a PMO (PMP).
Sharon brings 15 years of experience in the software and Web development industry to Chameleon as the Product Manager.

Board of Directors
Yoash Trockman, Chairman of the Board

Mr. Trockman serves as Chairman of Board for all the companies of the Elad Group.
In addition Mr. Trockman serves as CEO of Generize (Israel) Ltd, providing human resources services to governmental entities.
Mr. Trockman leads a group of investors in various projects and consults start-up companies and entrepreneurs.

Elad Tiran, Director

Elad serves as financial editor and director at Elad Group. Elad brings years of experience as ERP analyst at the Ministry of Finance.
Elad holds a BA degree in Statistics and an MBA degree in Public Administration from the Tel Aviv University.