ICU patients are often in a complex clinical condition and  their medical management reflects this. 

From a data perspective, ICUs are characterized by vast amounts of data for each patient, collected in a short period of time.

This data often arrives from a variety of sources (caregivers, devices, laboratory, imaging) and must interact with each other to influence the clinical decisions.

Chameleon ICU EMR includes several features which are crucial for proper management of an ICU patient. Chameleon ICU EMR caters for all types of ICUs including cardiac, respiratory, neurologic, surgical, pediatric and neonatal.

Automatic Capture

Automatic capture of measurements of the patient's situation – cardiac monitor, ventilator, anesthesia machine and many other devices are integrated into one chart.

Clinical Data

Graphic display of clinical data both in real-time and recorded time – vital signs, lab results, medication orders. Strict control over fluid balance, incorporating multiple fluid input and output channels

Panic Alerts

Abnormal lab alerts and panic alerts for extremely abnormal results allow for optimum emergency care.


Complete management and organization of all data and records.


Multidisciplinary consultations as part of the patient's chart. All records in one view.

Third Party Interfaces

Third party interfaces for decision support and AI capabilities.