Elad HealthCare Solutions serves a large customer base in Israel , customers with diverse organizational properties and different specialties. Chameleon is installed in medical institutions of all sizes, from large medical centers and hospitals to smaller clinics  owned and managed by the government, the HMO and privately owned institutions.

EMR case study Tel Hashomer center

The largest and most comprehensive medical center in the Middle East , employing close to 7,000 health professionals who provide almost four million treatments and medical tests to over one million patients annually. The Sheba Medical Center, Israel’s foremost hospital, comprises120 departments and clinics, 1,700 patient beds, and employs almost 7,000 healthcare professionals, including 850 physicians and 2,000 nurses.

  • The Acute Care Hospital
  • The Rehabilitation Hospital
  • The Edmond and Lily Safra Children’s Hospital
  • Labor & Delivery Rooms
EMR case study at Sourasky Center

The Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center comprises 1100 patient beds, some  60 departments and institutes, and approximately 150 outpatient clinics. In addition to services provided by the hospital, the Institute for Special Medical Examinations (“Malram”), within the framework of some 30 clinics, offers unique treatments not covered by the national health insurance program.

  • Labor & Delivery Rooms
  • M.L.R.M Institute for Special Medical
  • Nephrology Institute
  • Fertility Research
EMR case study, private health care take up

Assuta Medical Center offers advanced medical treatments and world-class equipment and technologies to ensure optimal outcomes for patients.

Assuta is synonymous with excellence in healthcare, and is the name Israelis trust with their health and the health of their families.

At the Assuta Medical Tourism Center, patients from abroad can also benefit from the Assuta advantage.

EMR case studu Shoham care center

Shoham geriatric medical center

  • Comprises 8 departments , 970 patient beds
EMR case study, Clalit national health care

Clalit is the only health organization in Israel that boasts an extensive network of hospitals located all over the country. Clalit maintains a total of 14 general and special care hospitals, including two psychiatric hospitals, each with ambulatory as well as in-patient care, a full care rehabilitation hospital and two long-term care hospitals with rehabilitation and nursing facilities for the chronically ill and the aged.

CLALIT members are hospitalized either at one of Clalit’s eight general hospitals or at a government or public hospital for whose services Clalit pays in full.  Members are also entitled to hospital services not included in the “Health Ministry Healthcare Service Basket” through Clalit complementary insurance, available at low cost.  All Clalit hospitals are university affiliated

Clalit’s interest in specialized medical care for children led to the establishment of one of CLALIT’s  most prestigeous  and unique  medical facilities, the  Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel (SCMCI), which is an advanced, 224-bed ,tertiary medical facility.

EMR case study in depth

The Rabin Medical Center , encompassing both Beilinson and Hasharon Hospitals , is one of the largest medical facilities in Israel . Besides being known for first-rate medical care, Rabin Medical Center (RMC) is renowned for its scientific research, technological development and medical achievements. Affiliated with the Tel-Aviv University Sackler School of Medicine, RMC collaborates with some of the largest and most prestigious medical centers worldwide.

Beilinson Hospital

  • Labor & Delivery Room
  • Institute of Medical Genetics
  • Ambulatory EMR

Hasharon Hospital

  • Ambulatory EMR
EMR case study University medical center

The Soroka University Medical Center  is the largest hospital in the Negev region. It is committed to an intensive and innovative program of community medicine. The hospital serves as the nucleus of the Ben Gurion University Faculty of Health Sciences,  a joint enterprise of Clalit and the university.

  • Labor & delivery room
emr case study, regional hospitals adopt EMR

Since its inception, Hadassah’s pacesetting progress has set the standard for medicine in Israel; the standard of excellence. An impressive list of achievements is testimony to Hadassah’s vision and mission. Today, Hadassah Medical Organization continues to move forward, making the world a better place through healing, teaching, and research.

Hadassah selected Chameleon for its Labor & Delivery departments.

EMR case study, leading medical centers in Israel adopt

“Herzliya Medical Center” private hospital is an outstanding medical institution in Israel. This multi-institution obtains a wide range of medical treatments in Israel; procedures and services such as accurate diagnostics, consultations with top Israeli specialists, conservative and innovative surgical treatment of the highest level.

“Herzliya Medical Center” provides medical treatment for Israeli citizens and international patients; around 20,000 surgeries are performed and thousands of diagnostic tests and treatments are carried out.

EMR case study Kaplan Medical

Kaplan Medical Center , established in Rehovot in 1953, has 600 hospital beds and for many years was the only hospital serving Israel ’s southern region. It is known for its expertise in hand surgery. Many of its research projects are conducted jointly with the Weizmann Institute of Science

  • The Acute Care Hospital (600 patient bed’s)
  • Ambulatory Clinics
EMR case study, integration in hospitals

The Ha’Emek Hospital in Afula was established in 1930, and as such is the oldest hospital in Israel . The Ha’Emek Hospital is afiliated with Clalit and is  now part of the Ha’Emek Valley Medical Center. It serves the highly diverse population of the Galilee and the Jezreel Valley .  It is known widely especially for fertility and reproductive problems treatment. It also serves as the National Center for ECMO technology which affords  temporary life support to patient’s with  a critical illness.

  • Labor & delivery room
EMR case center the Meir Medical Center

Meir Medical Center is the primary healthcare center for the highly populated Sharon region.  Meir has 704 patient beds and 100 departments and units. Teaching departments are affiliated with the Tel Aviv University , Sackler School of Medicine. The hospital employs a large number of physicians, who also hold academic positions. Hospital laboratories are affiliated with the Bar Ilan University .

  • Labor & delivery room
EMR case study medical centers and units

The Carmel Medical Center in Haifa is a forward-looking community medical center located in the North of Israel. Founded in 1976, the Carmel Medical Center employs a highly-trained and progressive medical staff, as well as offering superior technologies, but lacks the space to support the medical staff and the patients they serve.

EMR case study hospital implementation

Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel, also affectionately known as Schneider Children’s, is the only comprehensive, highly specialized healthcare hospital of its kind in Israel and the entire Middle East. Schneider is dedicated exclusively to the well-being of all children and adolescents.  Schneider Children’s comprises 250 patient beds, 43% of which are assigned to critical care patients (Intensive Care Units, Neonatology, Burns) and provides a full range of pediatric subspecialties and comprehensive paramedical services to all children from newborn infants to adulthood. Special adult clinics ensure follow-up care for those adults who were born with congenital disorders. The medical center serves as the national referral center for Hematology-Oncology, Endocrinology and Childhood Diabetes, and Cardiology and is the country’s leading institution in the field of bone marrow, and of organ transplants, such as heart and lung, liver and kidney. As a teaching hospital affiliated with the Tel Aviv University Sackler School of Medicine, Schneider Children’s conducts joint training and research programs both locally and internationally, emphasizing the wisdom of incorporating high quality research into a tertiary medical facility.

EMR cases study national health care

Beit Harzfeld geriatric hospital Comprises 8 departments, 312 beds.

EMR case study patient care

Loewenstein Hospital Rehabilitation Center
Loewenstein was established in 1958 at its present location in Raanana, north of Tel Aviv, as the only Clalit Health Services rehabilitation hospital. Clalit is Israel ‘s largest healthcare provider. The Loewenstein Center is affiliated with the Tel Aviv University Sackler Faculty of Medicine and participates in a training program for medical students. It is also accredited by the Medical Association Scientific Council as a center for physicians specializing in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. An endowment from the Ilby and Aladar Fleishman Foundation,made it possible to add a new building in l995 to provide the necessary space for the many diagnostic and clinical services required for the continually growing patient population.
Facts and Figures: 85,000 hospitalization days, 12,000 day hospitalizations, 30,000 outpatient visits , 52,000 occupational therapy treatments ,2,800 speech disorder treatments ,115,000 physiotherapy inpatient treatments ,  25,000 physiotherapy outpatient treatments.

  • Hospitalization
  • Therapy
  • Orthopedic
EMR case study an explanation

Maayanei HaYeshua Medical Center (MYMC) is proud of the reputation it has earned for combining excellence in medical professionalism with high ethical standards. As a major provider of superior healthcare in Israel, MYMC is renowned for its efforts to uphold and preserve the sanctity of life. People from all over Israel travel to MYMC, located on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, to benefit from the quality health care services offered by the dedicated medical teams. Patients recognize the high value placed on each individual life provided in meticulous conformity with Jewish Law. MYMC is proud that from pregnancy to geriatric care, and at every step along the way, the entire staff upholds its responsibility to ensure that every life is valued and protected to the utmost.

  • The Acute Care Hospital (850 patient bed’s)