Pediatric departments and hospitals

Children medical centers utilize a unique approach to pediatric medicine where children are treated as children and not as small adults.

Comprehensive, quality medical treatment is provided along with emotional, cognitive, scholastic, social and family care.

Chameleon is designed to support the child’s entire medical treatment and rehabilitation process. Physicians, nurses and para-medical staff monitor every aspect of the child’s treatment.

Chameleon is designed to support the child development medical process including
diagnosis and treatment of developmental disorders in premature babies, newborns, infants and children. The medical record also supports treatment of children with behavioral and emotional disabilities as well as impaired vision and hearing. The medical record documents the work of neurologists, psychologists, social workers, physiotherapists, speech, hearing and occupational therapists, nurses and professionals in special education.

The system serves as a tool for the physician to make quick and efficient patient diagnosis, based on the clinical information and the significant indexes presented on graphs.   The child development model includes a set of all age-related development charts (according to the CDC), such as weight, BMI, Height, limb length, and head circumference.  These graphs enable the physician to place the child on the development graph, understand its development status compared to “normal”  status and also automatically present a calculation of diversions from the “normal” status for each index (according to the patients datum).

The system issues a medical summary that encompasses all treatment the child was administered in all clinical sectors.

EMR children at the center of healthcare