Oncology departments and hospitals

EMR oncology in action

Chameleon Oncology collects and integrates all of the clinical information to support all aspects of oncology care treatment, research and reporting for medical oncology, creating a lifetime EMR. With Chameleon Oncology, physicians, nurses, radiologists and pharmacists have access to an oncology specific patient summary. Chameleon enables single view management of patient consultations, treatment protocol, complex medication management, imaging, surgery and the chemotherapeutic pharmaceutical preparations.

Major Features

  • Caregivers have immediate access to problems, current and historical treatment plans, clinical trial information, laboratory tests and results, toxicity levels and vital signs in one place
  • The customizable oncology summary provides a quick overview of information relevant to medical oncology. Problems, diagnoses, onset dates, cancer stage, current and historical treatment plans, laboratory tests and results, medications, toxicity levels, vital signs and other key data points are aggregated and available at a glance
  • A customizable protocol module allows viewing of administered medications in context of the laboratory results, vital signs and other results. The module also indicates the regimen and cycle of treatment
  • Oncology specific physician documentation includes a progress note, an admission assessment and a clinic note to include visit documentation
  • Pre customized protocol libraries with dose calculations, drug interactions, recommended therapy plans and electronic verification by the pharmacist replace complex chemotherapy written orders. This increases patient safety and quality of care
  • Drill down pharmacy preparation control manages drugs, batches, costs, precise quantities, remaining quantities and patient identification, enhancing safety and savings
  • Information is stored discretely and can be exported to registries, clinical research databases and reportsAdministrative actions, reimbursement and payments are managed in the same record

One patient – one record

  • All outpatient consultations are stored in the same record
  • All daycare therapy is documented in the same record
  • Protocols, drug usage and variant are captured in the same record
  • Lab results, Imaging and image study results are stored in the same record
  • Integrative medicine practice is documented in the same record
  • Radio therapeutic protocols are stored in the same record
  • Surgical procedures are recorded and stored in the same record
  • Inpatient episodes of oncology patients are stored in the same record
  • Palliative protocols and care and documented in the same record