Chameleon EMR Platform is a web-based, patient centric application that uses state-of-the-art software development technologies, Microsoft .NET, and SQL data base server. Based on these technologies Chameleon creates a flowing information system environment within the organization, and even across organizational boundaries.

Chameleon is a thin client technology, uses the browser as the client front end, and requires limited bandwidth for client communication.
Flexibility and Customization: Chameleon is flexible and customizable, ready to be molded to the needs of the organization and units within it. Patient record layout can easily be shaped to meet the needs of different users, helping users from different specialties, such as surgeons, psychiatrists, anesthesiologists, nurse, etc. to work with an EMR tailored to their needs. Data-entry forms are easily created and modified to support various data needs such as patient health assessment by nursing staff, questionnaires tailored to different medical situations, etc.

Chameleon The EMR Solution Topology


Chameleon Interfaces, a full-featured integration engine,providing Chameleon with fast integration capabilities with other applications. Chameleon Interfaces controls the cost of integration setup and maintenance, while streamlining data sharing between applications, healthcare professionals and organizations, using messaging standards and SOA technology, assuring more efficient workflow and improved clinical outcomes. Care providers share relevant clinical dat

a related to the patient, such as patient registration and scheduling data which are tied into the EMR; demographics collected by administrative staff. They become an integral part of the data available to the physician and ePrescriptions are sent automatically to the pharmacy, etc.

Chameleon integration with Wireless Devices: Chameleon has been developed to utilize the latest web technology. It can be accessed from any device that runs internet browser. In the hospital environment, this allows TabletPC and laptop computers connected in a wireless network to be utilized and deliver the patient i

nformation at the patient’s bed side.

Wireless Devices: an efficient technology for the Practice of Medicine:

This EMR hospital solution makes hospital rounds easier and more effective with mobile access to clinical results in the acute care setting.
Saves time and improves patient service.
Reduces medical errors through e-Prescribing from your device following your review of the patient’s medical history.
Alerts for abnormal lab results – promotes patient safety.

Emergency Access

In case of network failure, Chameleon enables immediate and direct access to patient files through the Failsafe System. Chameleon saves relevant patient data from the database server continuously and creates a read-only copies of the patients medical records.*

* Integrated Operational Knowledge Engines
* Business Intelligent Knowledge Engines

Chameleon Network topology