Electronic records management and why choose Chameleon

Chameleon is a web-based Electronic Medical Record (ER) used by leading hospitals, ambulatory clinics and health organizations.  It is comprised of comprehensive application modules including patient administrative information, patient clinical information, inpatient wards, outpatient clinics and extensive set of medical specialties.

Serving a diverse customer base, Chameleon was developed to meet the needs of different specialties and the workflow at various healthcare organizations. Today Chameleon EMR software serves government hospitals, HMO hospitals and privately owned institutes, from small clinics to large integrated healthcare institutions, with  2,000 users in emergency units, inpatient wards, ambulatory clinics, rehabilitation centers, surgery wards, OBGyn, dialysis centers, etc.

Chameleon was recently implemented in one of the largest and most comprehensive medical centers in the Middle East, the Sheba Medical Center, where approximately 7,000 health professionals provide almost four million treatments and medical tests to over one million patients annually. The Sheba Medical Center is Israel‘s foremost hospital with 60 medical departments and 350 clinics, 1,700 patient beds. Within the Sheba campus there is a general hospital, rehabilitation hospital and children hospital, all served by the Chameleon EMR.

Being a mature longitudinal patient record, with built-in interoperability, Chameleon provides its customers, the clinical decision makers, with a platform that puts the necessary information right at their fingertips, whenever and wherever needed. The result is more efficient utilization of physicians‘ and nurses‘ time and the best clinical outcomes.

Chameleon is a comprehensive patient record that reduces human error and assures patient safety and quality of care. This is achieved through clear a structured documentation, CPOE, allergy interaction alters, patient condition alerts and automated workflow management.

Chameleon facilitates recording of all healthcare-related patient data, such as  demographics, medical history, family history, medication list, sensitivities and allergies, immunizations, past procedures, a list of medical problems, etc. All data items are automatically tracked, logged and user identified avoiding any data leakage.
Monitoring and ventilation data is automatically acquired at high frequency creating a true image of patient condition without need for manual intervention.

Alerts that help prevent errors: alerts warning of drug allergies and cross-sensitivities can save patients‘ lives, and alerts of drug dose misses facilitate compliance with physician orders.

Interoperability that increases medical staff productivity and assures that decision-making is based on the broadest picture available by offering the ability to view patient imaging data stored on the PACS/RIS system from the EMR with just a click on the computer keyboard, and to get/transfer laboratory test results into the EMR lab chart directly from the laboratory system without delay.

The full cycle of physician orders and entries is built into Chameleon. Physician‘s evaluation of patient status and data collected in the patient‘s chart, prescribing, examination orders, nursing orders,  a review of orders list, work lists for caregivers, nurse’s alerts for pending orders,  nurse’s reports on administration and deviations.