Assuta Hospital, Ashdod

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Assuta Hospital, Ashdod

This medium-sized, fully digital hospital is a general, modern hospital made up of 300 beds and it selected Chameleon EMR from the day it was built. It opened in 2017. 

Assuta, Ashdod was built from the beginning with Chameleon EMR integrated into its operations as a fully digital hospital. It was implemented to ensure the ground-up establishment of new procedures and working methods, incorporating an integrative approach. 

This was a different approach – Chameleon EMR from the beginning, as opposed to other hospitals, where Chameleon EMR was introduced to replace analog and paper-based processes.

case study

Assuta Hospital

  • A better fit: in terms of aligning medical information and records with the highest processes and standards.
  • This in turn means a fully digital hospital empowered by greater efficiency, access to information, and a higher standard of care and medicine.
  • Yes, without doubt. The implementation of an EMR from the beginning, meant it could be configured to support all processes within the hospital. This was determined and established before the hospital was operational. 
  • Implementing EMR from the start, makes it a quicker process, saving resources and cutting costs in order to get the project live and implemented. 
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Chameleon EMR


Chameleon EMR implementation accompanies the building of a new hospital to create integrative support of all the hospital’s work processes to the highest standards.

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‘As a hospital that carved out its technological advancement, innovation, and quality of care for various patients, the choice of Chameleon was clear.’

'Chameleon has greatly improved hospital operations, medical processes, connectivity to medical devices and integration with other hospital information systems....enabling true continuum of care. '
'We have embarked on a national mission that requires massive preparations in a very short time in order to provide quality medical care to patients. Thanks to advanced technological means....'