Inpatient care is the heart of any hospital. Different wards may specialize in unique disciplines and require unique data solutions, but all share the same clinical process of admission, diagnosis and therapy and finally discharge or transfer of the patient.

Chameleon EMR allows the provision of a tailor-made patient chart for the different wards, while maintaining uniform working processes across the hospital.

Continuity of Care

Information from the ER visit and from previous hospital visits is readily available for the caregivers, to ensure complete continuity of care.


Initial nurse and physician encounters with the patient on admission day are designed to facilitate medical problem understanding, as well as planning of diagnostic and therapeutic course of actions.


Daily ward routines integrated into Chameleon's patient chart to enable effectivity and efficiency of caregivers to ensure optimal care for the patient.

Medication Module

Full functionality of complex medical orders supports sophisticated adjustments of orders, while medication protocols enable fast recording of the frequent orders used in the ward.


Discharge letters incorporate information recorded along admission, sparing the physicians the need to explicitly write discharge letters, and lets them focus on planning treatment and giving recommendations.


Chameleon EMR interfaces with medical, paramedical and administrative platforms across the hospital and pieces together all the important information in one place - the patient's chart.