Sheba Hospital

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Sheba Hospital

The largest and most comprehensive medical center in the Middle East, performing almost 4 million diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for over one million patients annually.

The Sheba Medical Center comprises 120 departments and clinics, 1,700 patient beds, and employs almost 10,000 healthcare professionals, including 1,600 physicians, 2,300 nurses and 1,500 paramedical caregivers.

They use Chameleon EMR as the primary platform for managing patient care in most of their units.

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Sheba Hospital

  • Clinical depth: Chameleon large hospital EMR solution provides a wide range of patient charts and components for the various expertise’s out-of-the-box. In addition, Chameleon EMR’s flexibility allows for independently creating new documentation and evaluation tools to meet the changing requirements of medical experts, without the need for any code writing.
  • Range: a large hospital contains many medical disciplines and specialties (internal wards exist in every hospital, but a neurosurgery ward, for example, exists only in a large hospital). 
  • Uniformity: Chameleon large hospital EMR delivers high uniformity of operations regardless of the number of wards within a hospital. This means that a medical team which moves from one hospital department to another, and understands the work structure and processes according to Chameleon large hospital EMR, will be able to work better. This saves time, resources and ensures the delivery and provision of better care to patients. 
  • Maintaining expertise: Chameleon EMR includes hundreds of dedicated components, some of which are specific to different medical specialties. Even if it does not initially contain a specific component, it can be easily customized to create a suitable component according to the request of any expert caregiver.
  • Chameleon EMR delivers high uniformity and standardization, combined with great expertise and ‘down to the details’ components. Any component required by a caregiver, can be created and applied via Chameleon EMR.
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Chameleon EMR


Chameleon EMR possesses the flexibility and agility to work as a large hospital EMR. Its on-time, on-budget implementation makes it an optimal solution regardless of the hospital or healthcare setting size.

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‘As a hospital that carved out its technological advancement, innovation, and quality of care for various patients, the choice of Chameleon was clear.’

'Chameleon has greatly improved hospital operations, medical processes, connectivity to medical devices and integration with other hospital information systems....enabling true continuum of care. '
'We have embarked on a national mission that requires massive preparations in a very short time in order to provide quality medical care to patients. Thanks to advanced technological means....'