Clalit HMO



Clalit HMO

Chameleon EMR is the solution for a network of hospitals, made up of 14 hospitals across the country.

Chameleon EMR is the solution of choice in all of the network’s hospitals, being implemented following an organizational decision to unify and digitally transform all the hospitals within a short period of time.

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Clalit HMO

  • To implement a unified digital portfolio policy that would standardize all clinical portfolios within the network. This means that all information and data collected across the network of hospitals is organized and displayed in the same way.
  • To ensure greater flexibility amongst its staff, allowing them to work in different hospitals without the need for significant onboarding and re-training, as all hospitals use Chameleon EMR for hospital networks.
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Chameleon EMR


Chameleon EMR possesses the flexibility and agility to work as an EMR for a broad network of hospitals. Its on-time, on-budget implementation makes it an optimal solution regardless of the hospital or healthcare setting size. 

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hospital staff
‘As a hospital that carved out its technological advancement, innovation, and quality of care for various patients, the choice of Chameleon was clear.’

'Chameleon has greatly improved hospital operations, medical processes, connectivity to medical devices and integration with other hospital information systems....enabling true continuum of care. '
'We have embarked on a national mission that requires massive preparations in a very short time in order to provide quality medical care to patients. Thanks to advanced technological means....'