Continuous care, complete patient history

In order to secure a fully continuous medical record and full patient history the Chameleon EMR offers specifically developed solutions for all hospital environments.

Hospitals that implemented Chameleon EMR across all departments and units enjoy the following benefits:

All clinical notes from all departments and units are displayed in one sequence.

Medication orders are controllable from regular medication through clinics, ER, departments, units, pre op, recovery and ICU.

Full patient history including a detailed description of each episode in clinics, departments, units, OR and ICU

No gaps or interruptions in history, orders, results resources, documentation or reimbursement

Overall organizational clinical alerting and decision support

Complete organizational administrative and clinical reports


The intense nature of work in the Emergency Department requires clinical information to be easily available to all caregivers, as well as the ability to prioritize the caregivers’ attention between different patients.


Chameleon ICU EMR includes several features which are crucial for proper management of an ICU patient. Chameleon ICU EMR caters for all types of ICUs including cardiac, respiratory, neurologic, surgical, pediatric and neonatal.


Chameleon obstetrics EMR can provide physicians, nurses and midwives with a comprehensive consolidated view of the patient’s medical record from conception, through childbirth and beyond.


Chameleon EMR efficiently shares patient information and data throughout the entirety of the often long rehabilitation treatment process.


Chameleon OR EMR supports a seamless flow of information throughout the entire perioperative process. It follows the patient from pre to post op.


Chameleon pediatrics EMR can be customized according to the unique aspects of pediatric care, while maintaining all the advantages of adult specialty units – ER, OR, ICU and others.


Single view management of patient consultations, treatment protocols and oncology care plans.


Accommodate acute and chronic care, across inpatient and outpatient units with a multidisciplinary approach to care.


Planning, executing and following-up dialysis treatment made accurate and simple with dedicated components and connection to dialysis devices.