Raphael Hospital

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Raphael Hospital

This small outpatient hospital provides specialized care, and performs about 1,000 surgical operations per month. The hospital was built with full digital capabilities from day one.

Elad Health partnered with the hospital, and with Chameleon for a small hospital EMR solution, it was able to organize all of the hospital applications around one platform. 

Some of these applications included the administrative operations such as scheduling appointments, coordinating between diaries, maintaining financial accounting records, syncing with insurance details, generating reports, creation of unique screens, and ensuring information is accessible.

Other applications include peripheral clinical systems, such as lab, imaging, pathology, etc.

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Raphael Hospital

  • Yes. The Chameleon small hospital EMR can be implemented in hospitals ranging from 100 beds or more.
  • The Chameleon small hospital EMR is able to coordinate clinical processes, and to automate manual processes in a short time, and at an affordable cost.
  • Yes. Chameleon EMR delivers complete flexibility in the construction of its components and units, and these can be adapted to each doctor according to the required medical process.
  • Chameleon EMR delivers a medical record that is the center of the clinical life. The medical record is the core of all clinical processes and activities in the hospital.
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Chameleon EMR


Chameleon EMR is simple enough to be implemented in a small hospital, yet wide and flexible enough to enable hospital growth easily. As such, it is an optimal solution for small and medium-sized hospitals.

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‘As a hospital that carved out its technological advancement, innovation, and quality of care for various patients, the choice of Chameleon was clear.’
'Chameleon has greatly improved hospital operations, medical processes, connectivity to medical devices and integration with other hospital information systems.. enabling true continuum of care. '
'We have embarked on a national mission that requires massive preparations in a very short time in order to provide quality medical care to patients. Thanks to advanced technological means....'