Ministry of Health

ministry of health


Ministry of Health, Israel

Israeli Ministry of Health is not only the national health regulator, but also owns and operates 11 public hospitals.

Chameleon EMR was chosen to be implemented in all 11 of them.

A single EMR in all the hospitals makes it easier to plan information report to the authorities. This made it easier to manage the National Program for Quality Indicators in hospitals.

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Ministry of Health

  • To upgrade their inter-connected information system between hospitals
  • To monitor hospital loads across all hospitals, and to be able to monitor nationwide indices for resource and staff distribution
  • Time to treatment: Length of stay in emergency departments, time from arrival to revascularization (CVA, MI) and more.
  • Preventive medicine: Prophylactic antibiotic administration prior to selected surgeries, antenatal corticosteroids, VTE assessment and more.
  • Hospital acquired infections: Frequency of selected nosocomial infections, such as VAP, CAUTI, CLABSI and SSO
  • Adverse events: Monitoring and prevention of adverse events such as falls, reaction to treatment, etc.
  • Infections acquired in a hospital: understanding where infections were occurring, what infections, and how many patients were being infected within the hospital.
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Chameleon EMR


Chameleon EMR has the robustness and scalability required for a large network of hospitals.

The use of a single platform makes it easier to report selected information, both to the network’s management and to national authorities.

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hospitals deployed in parallel
‘As a hospital that carved out its technological advancement, innovation, and quality of care for various patients, the choice of Chameleon was clear.’

'Chameleon has greatly improved hospital operations, medical processes, connectivity to medical devices and integration with other hospital information systems....enabling true continuum of care. '
'We have embarked on a national mission that requires massive preparations in a very short time in order to provide quality medical care to patients. Thanks to advanced technological means....'