Geriatrics EMR

Geriatric care is often a combination of acute care, with long-term management of the patient’s physical, neurological and psychiatric care needs.

Chameleon geriatrics EMR solution for geriatric care addresses both acute and chronic care, inpatient and outpatient units and establishes a true multidisciplinary approach and solution.

Multiple Assessment Tools

Functional, neurologic and psychiatric, along with risk evaluation questionnaires
for adverse situations,
makes patient follow-up a measurable task.

Information Mobility

Seamless information mobility allows for optimal cooperation between different members of the multidisciplinary team, and also creates continuity of care when patient is transferred between different units.

Patient Chart

Patient chart flexibility not only allows for complete answers for all clinical needs, but also enables charts to evolve inline with medical advances.
This is achieved through customization and without the need for any coding.