Obstetrics EMR

Designed to support throughout pregnancy, as well as in the delivery and postnatal stages, Chameleon obstetrics EMR can provide physicians, nurses and midwives with a comprehensive consolidated view of the patient’s medical record from conception, through childbirth and beyond.

The seamless sharing of information across a range of physicians, tests, procedures and units, ensures continuity of care for both mother and child and creates a full audit trail that supports medico-legal processes.

Supporting Caregivers

Chameleon compiles all relevant documentation, test results, monitoring data, imaging records and diagnosis into one interactive record that follows the patient through the entire pregnancy, maternity and postnatal rest, and supports the newborn’s neonatal care.

Patient History

Chameleon collects all relevant information regarding the patient’s clinical history, including previous pregnancies, allergies and medication as well as a wide range of gynecological, antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal examinations.

Diagnostic Tests

All ultrasounds, scans and other relevant fetal and maternal test results are collected and saved. These records and measurements can be compiled and compared for more insightful fetal monitoring. Pregnancy age and due date automatically calculated based on either last menstruation date or auxiliary tests.

Maternity Outpatient

Regular follow-up visits are a crucial means for early detection of hazardous situations during pregnancy. Obstetric history, current pregnancy management and comorbidity treatment are documented continuously during the pregnancy. This information will be shared with the physicians and nurses during labor.

High-risk Pregnancy

The cause, protocols and outcomes of the HRP admission are documented in the electronic medical record for future review. Maternal and fetal care during admission can be adjusted to the clinical situation – from observation only, to ICU level of care.

Labor and Delivery

A full and detailed record of the labor and delivery process is compiled, including responsible staff, partogram, all fetal monitoring and other relevant data. Chameleon automatically creates multiple linked files for the mother and the newborn/s (supports multiple births).

Cesarean Delivery

In case of need for a cesarean section, Chameleon obstetrics EMR supports the entire surgical process, including the surgical, nursing and anesthetic care and processes.

Postnatal Care

Chameleon obstetrics EMR includes a comprehensive postnatal care record derived from post-delivery examinations of both mother and infant, assessing their state of health and determining follow-up care. A separate health record is automatically created for each newborn, which is linked to the mother's medical chart.

Premature Infant Care

Hospitalization of newborns in the Neonatal ICU unit, where data is automatically collected from medical devices and incubators, upholding all diagnosis and treatment protocols for pre-term infants. These protocols may be dictated and changed to fully adhere to local and national policies.