Surgical processes often begin before the patient’s arrival to the OR – in the ER, ward or pre-op clinic. They do not end upon the patient’s leaving the OR and continue into post-op as well.

Chameleon OR EMR supports a seamless flow of information throughout the entire perioperative process:

Pre-op Clinic

Pre-op clinic – used by both the surgeon and anesthesiologist.


ER/ward preparation before the surgery.

OR Intake

Nursing, surgical and anesthesiologic.

Anesthesiologist Module

Connection to ventilator, cardiac monitor, anesthesia machine and more, pre- and post- anesthesia checklists and reports.

Nursing Module

Including all accreditation-required safety questionnaires, counting reports and more.

Surgical Documentation

Intuitive and personalized surgical documentation including links to endoscopic files.

Post-op Recovery

Post-operative recovery unit and discharge or transfer to an admitting unit.

Coding Methodology

Coding methodology enables full integration with billing and stock systems.