Pediatrics EMR

Pediatric centers provide an approach to healthcare which takes into account the multi-faceted nature of pediatrics. 

Comprehensive, quality medical treatment is provided along with emotional, cognitive, scholastic, social and family care.

Chameleon pediatrics EMR can be customized according to the unique aspects of pediatric care, while maintaining all the advantages of adult specialty units – ER, OR, ICU and others.

Advantages of the Chameleon EMR pediatric module include:

Medication Orders

Medication order dosage by weight or body surface area. This is particularly important in pediatrics.


Automatic calculation of physical indexes such as BMI, BSA, CCT ensures optimal patient care and accuracy of care.

Graphic Growth Charts

Including age- and gender-specific, comparing different parameters, such as weight, BMI, height, limb length, and head circumference. Dynamic normal ranges of parameters respond to patient's age.

Medical Charts

Flexible medical charts for different patient groups (e.g. premature infants, newborns, toddlers, adolescents)

Multi-disciplinary Sharing

Multidisciplinary team-work and sharing of information and data adjusted to hospital processes.


Summary letters and other documents generated with a single click, and encompass all the necessary information from the patient's chart.