Rehabilitation EMR

As patient rehabilitation is a lengthy and multidisciplinary process that involves a wide range of medical and paramedical professionals, the seamless sharing of information is vital for ensuring efficient treatment.

The typical length of rehabilitation processes dictates a different approach than that of acute treatment wards. 

Enabling cooperation across a diverse team of professionals allows for optimal rehabilitation results and a smooth discharge to the community. Chameleon rehabilitation EMR is used by Neurological, Orthopedic, Respiratory and Geriatric rehabilitation hospitals, clinics and home care. This seamlessly integrated record allows the rehabilitation center and all related caregivers to maintain continuity of care and best support patients rehabilitation process.

Implemented at the foremost rehabilitation medical centers in Israel, Chameleon rehabilitation EMR was recently implemented at the renowned Loewenstein Rehabilitation Center and the Sheba Medical Center Rehabilitation Hospital – the two largest rehabilitation centers in Israel.

Multiple Tools

Supports the entire rehabilitation program by enabling multiple assessment tools, treatment adjustments, information sharing and more.


Digitalizes medical and paramedical staff meetings, including preparation, visual presentation of patient progress in all treatment areas, documentation and decisions about future treatment.


Prepares patient’s discharge to the community, including coordinating between all the relevant institutions, securing required equipment and more.

Flexible Architecture

Dynamic and flexible architecture supports any questionnaire and calculation index, including automatic recommendations of relevant medical protocols.

International Scoring Standards

Implements all international scoring standards, including ASIA Motor Score, HiMAT Score, FIM Score, NIHSS score, MMSE Score and others.

Diverse Toolbox

Diverse toolbox for physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and other relevant professionals.