Covid-19 Response Chameleon EMR & Hasharon Hospital

Following a request from the Ministry of Health, the Hasharon Hospital (under the Clalit national insurance group and the Rabin Medical Center), was assigned as a treatment hospital for Covid-19 patients.

Operation Bezeq was a complex, large scale project that involved the establishment of a Covid-19 hospital unit made up of 200 inpatient beds, 40 ventilators, 4 ACMO devices to support potential essential organ failure. A complex operating and recovery room for Corona patients was another essential need for the hospital, as well as 5 remote medical control centers equipped with CCTV cameras. Over 1000 staff were projected to work within the unit.

The priority for this national response to Covid-19 was how to maintain necessary contact and communication between patients and staff, while at the same time minimizing the amount of human contact in order to protect staff as much as possible. The answer lay in some of the most advanced medical technology Israel has to offer in the form of ‘remote medicine’ technology infrastructures and centralized control centers with integrated video and voice systems.

Unprecedented situations create unprecedented challenges, but also opportunities for unique and creative solutions. The fully customizable Chameleon EMR software from Elad Health was the perfect solution to the challenges at hand.

In order to ensure the smooth running of the Covid-19 compound, the Chameleon EMR was chosen to deliver the most accurate, efficient, and secure management of patient data and records. This also included providing the essential connections to specialized medical equipment including UAV, monitors, respirators, and anesthetics for advanced monitoring and patient data collection.

The Chameleon EMR system was also able to monitor patient movement and their medical conditions, allowing all medical information from ventilators and monitoring devices to flow directly to the computerized medical record system. Thus ensuring accurate, secure storing of patient information.

Ensuring the safety of staff, while still providing individualized, high-quality patient care, and ensuring access to medical device information and medical records, was the primary aim of the new Covid-19 department within the Hasharon hospital. Chameleon’s EMR software delivered this at a time when the technology was needed the most.

Elad-Health was grateful for the opportunity to play a part in Israel’s national response to the challenge of Covid-19 and proud of its partnership with Clalit, the Rabin Medical Center, and the Hasharon Hospital, in the treatment of Israel’s corona patients.

Chameleon allowed Hasharon Hospital’s COVID-19 unit to provide optimum patient care at the center of their operations through a configurable, advanced, technological solution that balanced patient care with hospital staff safety.

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