EMR In-action Herzliya Medical Center

Herzliya Medical Center made the shift from paper records to fully-digital ones by implementing Chameleon EMR. Recognizing that paper records are a more error prone solution, they made the decision to prioritize patient care and enhance their risk management with an electronic records solution.

As a medical center dedicated to providing a devoted, professional and best possible service they need an EMR solution that would provide their caregivers with an accurate and detailed view of their patients care, records and data.

They wanted an EMR solution which would follow patient care and treatment from admission, to procedures, to discharge. Thus throughout their entire time at the medical center.

Implementing Chameleon EMR signaled a significant change in their organizational abilities and management.

The main benefits for the center included:

1. Patient safety was enhanced first and foremost.
2. Caregivers were given one place where all information and patient data is recorded for enhanced risk management.
3. A patients records, information and data is automatically transferred between departments and caregivers for optimum and accurate care.

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