Dialysis Emr for specialty unit care

Dialysis centers have their own unique workflow and documentation requirements such as:
Planning Hemo-dialysis protocols and standing orders, execution reports that integrate with
data generated in real-time by the hemodialysis machine.
Chameleon incudes a tailor-made solution for dialysis centers making clinical decisions and control of patient care more efficient, helping care providers achieve better outcomes.

At the dialysis clinic
An Electronic Medical Record specialized on Hemo-dialysis manages:

  • Hemo Dialysis Treatment Plan
  • Number of treatments per week, treatment time
  • Dialysis filter type
  • Dry weight, temperature, blood flow, Dialysate flow
  • Dialysate composition (Na, Ca, BIC, K, Dextrose)
  • Blood access (history observation, locating needles, ext.)
  • Anticoagulation and medication orders
  • Physician’s follow up and lab results observation
  • Calculation of nPCR(HD), nPCR(REF), Kt/V, Est.GFR,
  • Physician’s orders are displayed for nurse reporting
  • Control and documentation of dialysate, filters, electrolytes and flows

Beyond the dialysis clinic
A patient may be admitted to the nephrology department or visit any other ambulatory clinic. The Chameleon record will document these episodes and include them, in detail, in the patient history. A dialysis patient may undergo implant surgery. The entire process will be documented within the Chameleon medical record

Peritoneal Dialysis
While the actual treatment may be performed anywhere, the plan, orders, follow up, changes to and from Hemo Dialysis are all documented in one continues Chameleon medical record. The Peritonial Dialysis record becomes an integral part of the patient history.