In patient EMR, one patient, one record

Chameleon™ clinical EMR solution is designed to coordinate care across hospital locations and departments, support critical decision-making, automate processes for accuracy and safety, and improve patient care outcomes and clinical performance. Chameleon, patient EMR solutions, connects clinicians and administrators with shared patient information and workflow, to advance accuracy, efficiency and safety across hospital settings, departments and locations.
Internal Medicine and Inpatient Wards

Because of the immense variety of patient illnesses typical to Internal Medicine Wards, the medical staff needs quick access to a clearly organized health record, in order to assess patient status and act upon it: decide on the diagnosis; order lab results; execute care orders; etc. Tight scheduling for the nursing staff requires that processes be carefully designed for optimization and cross-patient medication dispatch and vital signs recording are examples of such daily occurring tasks. Chameleon supports the physicians and nurses by providing them with the precise data in the clearest format, enabling them to focus on quick and correct execution of their responsibilities. Chameleon provides optimum patient EMR solutions and prioritizes the continuum of care.