The Chameleon Electronic Medical Record

Electronic health record EMR software an overview

Chameleon is an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software system created to enable a wide range of medical institutions and departments to make the shift from paper to digital records, thereby providing a digitized horizontal perspective of hospitalization processes. This wider picture allows for better resource management, more efficient administration and improved patient safety and clinical outcomes. The Chameleon electronic health record (EMR) software is designed for every type of institution across the medical industry, including: acute care hospitals, children’s hospitals, ambulatory clinics, rehabilitation hospitals, geriatric and psychiatric medical centers and obstetrics.

By interfacing with the various hospital information systems, medical devices and labs, Chameleon compiles all relevant data into one interactive record; creating seamless documentation and simple interoperability, and allowing for improved decision making and more efficient process management.

With a rich library of sophisticated preprogrammed system components, the Chameleon uses in-depth logic and advanced algorithms to create a seamless and holistic documentation process. With fully integrated system tasks, the Chameleon provides interoperability across departments, units and clinics. Together with advanced customization options, the system can also be tailored to specific  medical institutions and processes.

Chameleon utilizes a single platform across all organizational departments, units and clinics and through the patient’s entire medical history, showing all relevant information anywhere and anytime. For the patients, this means their medical record follows them throughout their treatment process, improving patient safety and clinical outcomes; for the user, this means more efficient caregiving; and for the medical institution, this means improved organizational processes and resource utilization, as well as maximum reimbursement.
Over the years Elad Health has accumulated vast experience implementing large and complex EMR projects. Chameleon’s unique system structure ensures successful implementation, delivered on schedule and within budget.
The Sheba Medical Center (located in Israel, largest in the Middle East) implemented Chameleon in 60 clinical departments, 110 clinics, and the rehabilitation and children’s hospitals – all in just 24 months. The Clalit HMO (second largest worldwide) has completed the implementation of Chameleon in all of its 12 hospitals.
  • Various viewpoints – patient, caregiver or organization
  • Automated data collection
  • Fully automated score calculations such as load and risk scores, balances etc.
  • ePrescribing and CPOE using preset defaults and protocols and embedded safety guards
  • Automatically produced discharge notes, application letters etc
  • Standard coding systems for fast logging of diagnosis and procedures
  • Clinical Protocol Library provides guidelines for standardized medical practices
  • Reduced human errors and increased patient safety
  • Increased medical staff efficiency
  • Improved clinical outcomes
  • Full medicolegal audit trail
  • Improved organizational processes and resource management
  • Maximization of reimbursement