Electronic records management and why choose Chameleon

Solution Principles
Chameleon is a comprehensive Electronic Medical Record (EMR), from registration, check-in and scheduling through clinical encounters, including the entire course of medical treatment. The Chameleon electronic health record emr software solution is designed to manage both inpatient and outpatient treatment processes.

The inpatient system shares user-friendly documentation and CPOE features with the rest of the clinical system. It is easy for users to enter orders at the point of care, manage documentation, and view test results that support medical decisions and treatment plans.
Chameleon offers seamless bi-directional integration and data sharing with the ATD (Admission Transfer & Discharge) system. Demographic and related practice management information is made available to Chameleon users. Coded demographic information and up-to-date, supportive, personal identification and document tagging are available.
Chameleon supports the assignment of the patient to a suitable room and a bed. Capacity occupancy is clear and available at the point of decision making. Relevant information regarding the patient’s medical needs is checked and the availability of resources in hospital wards is taken into account.
Chameleon displays a medical history log. The flexible customization tool enables the adaptation of the medical history process to a wide range of medical specialties. Chameleon includes an extensive library of medical history templates fully suited to the needs of most units. The medical history contains patient information such as: sensitivities/allergies, blood group, habits, etc.
Diagnosis and surgeries are logged using standard coding systems, such as ICD9 & ICD10.
All patients’ immunization data is maintained in a central database, enabling standardization of data and research.
Chameleon includes an integrated CPOE (Computerized Physician Order Entry). The CPOE is managed as an interaction between the physician’s orders and the nursing staff administration. The system enables a wide range of orders, using an elaborate mechanism of timing the orders. The range of physician orders includes drips, fluids, tablets and other forms of medication.
The drug library may be synchronized with local pharmacopeia or catalogues. Chameleon enables supervision and control of the individual drug administration to a patient, as part of the medical task management. The system accepts and manages physician orders for all departments at the point-of-care, through a variety of devices, including wireless PCs and tablet computers. The order entry workflow corresponds to familiar “paper-based” orders to allow efficient use by new or infrequent users.
Patient’s medication order list is a clear display of patient’s drug order status. Data is collected for planning, and root cause analysis, for patient’s safety events. The list has direct links to relevant patients’ critical data such as age, sex, sensitivities/allergies, fluid balance and relevant warnings are displayed
The nurse medication list translates physician directions into to-do tasks. Tasks are divided into shifts and the administration is conducted in a worked- through process, designed to minimize risk. Flexible customizable defaults adapt the process to correspond with the specific needs of the unit. Data collected while administrating drugs is back-fed to the physician who is now giving the next order
Chameleon enables the nurse to formulate a fluid therapy plan specially adapted to patient‘s needs. Physician orders regarding ongoing, continuous fluid orders can be divided into a detailed schedule.
Fluid balance provides information on the status of the patient‘s hydration, renal function and cardiovascular function. Negative and positive fluid balances are displayed in three adjustable degrees of detail. The fluid balance collects all the fluids administrated to the patient from drugs, fluids, nutrients and all other inputs. All outputs are calculated, including urine drains and other fluid reduction
Chameleon creates a seamless link between the results generated from the laboratory systems, the patient’s treatment, and the medical staff assessment process. Results are automatically inserted into the patient database in a fully structured form. The lab results are then available for viewing or reprinting by the medical staff. The system automatically creates reminder alerts when new results arrive for clinician review. It also generates orders for additional tests based on the physicians needs.
Messages can be transmitted between medical staff members, administrators and other care-providers using the internal messages option. Follow up is maintained throughout the whole admission process. Complete data collaboration enables noting and updating the medical staff regarding the patient‘s condition and medical treatment.
Chameleon enables interface with a wide range of imaging systems. Images and the related information is fully integrated into the medical record, enabling utilization of the data both for medical review and the construction of discharge letters. The use of third-party viewer‘s option is imbedded into Chameleon in a smooth and logical manner.
Chameleon has an integrated clinical protocol information system. Clinical processes are documented and associated to departments or ambulatory clinics. The protocols are elements composed from drug orders and other scheduled treatments and tasks. The protocols are available to the clinicians as executable components, and users at the point of care are provided with limited editing ability of these protocols. Chameleon‘s Protocol Library is a guideline-based tool that helps the medical staff to standardize medical concepts and medical practices .
Chameleon ‘s documents  module supports document and letter assembly functionality, set of templates, styles ,formats, multi copies options,  printing and routing to various printers located in different locations. Discharge letters may be printed, created as PDF files, stored in the patient record or sent to t predefined location.