Over the last two weeks, Israeli hospitals have opened dozens of Corona departments to provide health services to the Corona COVID-19 virus patients.

Acute care hospitals have converted internal departments into more complex intensive care units adding ventilators to each bed and allowing better separation of the patients in order to limit and control the spread of the virus.

The Chameleon® EMR customizations capabilities enabled these organizations to quickly and easily transform existing services from the regular hospitalization departments throughout the hospital, adding the necessary changes along with quickly spinning up additional device connectivity to ventilators including on line data transfer directly into the patient chart.

Elad Health @ AFICA HEALTH  2019
Elad Health participated in the
AFICA HEALTH 2019 Conference in Johannesburg as part of the Israeli pavilion.                      Elad Health team met a wide range of companies from various African countries, discussed potential future cooperation.

Elad Health to participate HIMSS Europe 2019
Elad Health presents the Chameleon patient management solution at the HIMSS Europe event in Helsinki during June 11-13.

Elad Health @ Medica 2014
Elad Health participated in the Medica 2014 trade show in Dusseldorf. As part of the very busy Israeli pavilion Elad Health principles met a wide range of companies from various countries who showed great interest in the representation options of Chameleon in their own countries.

East Europe eHealth Innovation Summit
Elad Health is a Gold sponsor of the East Europe eHealth Innovation Summit taking place in Warsaw, Jan 2015. This summit attracts health authority directors, hospitals CEOs and CIOs as well as leading health IT industrial companies.

Elad Health is targeting Turkey
The company board decided to target Turkey for sales of its Chameleon EMR. Discussions with several local companies are in progress while the company is still open for other cooperation offers.

Chameleon Oncology unveiled
Final preparations are in progress for first sites to go live with Chameleon Oncology. The Chameleon Oncology record collects all therapeutic aspects creating a complete view of the patients visits, diagnosis, test results, chemotherapeutic treatments, radio-therapeutic treatments, surgery, pharmacy preparations etc. chemotherapeutic protocols and cytotoxic preparations are powered by the highly respected application of Cato Oncology. Read more