Chameleon EMR and the Israeli response to Covid-19

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Israeli hospitals have rushed to open dozens of Covid-19 departments and wards to provide health services to Covid-19 virus patients.

Acute care hospitals have converted internal departments into more complex intensive care units, adding ventilators to each bed and allowing better separation of patients in order to limit and control the spread of the virus.

The advanced customization capabilities of the Chameleon EMR enabled Israel’s healthcare organizations to quickly and easily transform their existing services within regular hospital departments, while adding the necessary changes to care for Covid-19 patients. This included the speeding up of additional device connectivity to ventilators and the transfer of on line data directly into the patient file.

Chameleon EMR was able to ensure that Israel’s healthcare organizations were able to respond with speed, efficiency and expertise to the challenges faced by Covid-19, while still ensuring they could offer the very optimal level of care to both their Covid-19 and regular patients.

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Elad Health participated in the AFRICA HEALTH 2019 conference in Johannesburg as a member of the Israeli pavilion.

Elad Health met a wide range of companies from across the African continent and discussed the potential for future cooperation.

Elad Health is excited to be a part of the drive to improve healthcare and patient outcomes across Africa, and is looking forward to being part of the eHealth revolution on the continent.

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Elad Health @ HIMSS Europe 2019

Elad Health presented the Chameleon patient management solution at the HIMSS Europe event in Helsinki between June 11-13.

Chameleon EMR enables healthcare organizations to be HIMSS stage 7 ready.

Instead of paper medical records, multiple disparate software solutions or a semi-electronic process, health organizations can implement a fully clinical process with one solution that will lead them toward HIMSS stage 7 accreditation.

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East Europe eHealth Innovation Summit

Elad Health was a Gold sponsor of the East Europe eHealth Innovation Summit taking place in Warsaw, Jan 2015. The summit attracted health authority directors, hospitals CEOs and CIOs as well as leading health IT industrial companies.

Elad Health is excited to be part of the drive to encourage the adoption of leading eHealth technology and innovation in across Europe and the world, and is looking forward to being part of the improvement of healthcare and patient outcomes.

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