This yeCzech-Israel Innovation Dayar the Czech-Israel Innovation Day took place on the 26th of November, 2020 in Olomouc, Czech Republic.

This one day conference was jointly organized by the Olomouc Innovation Cluster in cooperation with the Czech-Israeli Mixed Chamber of Commerce, the Moravian University of Olomouc and the BEA campus in Olomouc, with the goal of showcasing leading Smart Healthcare products from Israel in order to inspire and assist Czech healthcare providers. The event is also important for its showcasing developments and technology in healthcare from both countries, in order to foster greater innovation and improved healthcare outcomes.

Held online this year, the focus of the conference was how hospitals, academic institutions and health care companies can cooperate on practical issues in order to use new technologies and digitalization in order to improve health care provision and outcomes.

One of the highlights of the conference this year, was the talk given by Dr Abraham Weiss, from Elad Health, on Israel’s National Public Health Response to Covid-19.

Elad Health’s Chameleon EMR has been an integral part of helping hospitals in Israel manage the setup and organization of newly established Covid-19 wards and responses.

Dr. Weiss shares this experience in his talk for the conference here.